”I was never a believer in expensive face creams…”

I was never a believer in expensive face creams because in spite of trying a few high end brands, I never felt they worked well enough to be worth the money. So when I was given samples of the Pitta dosha type, I was skeptical and highly doubted that I would be seeing any dramatic changes to my skin. However as soon as I used the Pitta Cleanser, not only did all my make-up smoothly glide away but my skin also felt undeniably fresh and radiant. I looked closely and had to admit, I had never used a cleanser that left my skin feeling so clean and supple, yet deeply moisturized and bright.

Encouraged, I tried the Pitta Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil, which I loved instantly before I even put it on my face because it had the most beautiful floral smell of jasmine. What was a bigger surprise was that there is absolutely no added fragrance in these oils and that they are all naturally fragrant from the active ingredients. The heavenly smell of jasmine was from actual jasmine extract in the oil. Once I put it on my face, it felt velvety soft and glided smoothly all over my face. It was instantly absorbed and did not leave my face greasy or oily, but beautifully fragrant and smelling of fresh picked jasmine. I was a believer already.

When I woke up the next morning, my skin was remarkably soft, smooth and bright. I could not believe that I had actually seen visible results after the first use. I used the Anti-Ageing Cream before applying my everyday light make-up before I had to catch a flight back home. When I was home, it was a pleasant surpise that my family also noticed an improvement in my skin. Almost everyone told me my skin looked fresh and bright and not how it usually looked when I came back from a long, transatlantic trip. Now that is not something you hear often. This confirmed my belief that SAMAYA products had actually worked their magic on my face. I now use these products every day and my skin has never felt this good in years. I enjoy the fragrance as well as the luxurious feel of my skin after every use. I am a very happy user and hope that more people can try these amazing products so that they may see the results for themselves. I was a hardcore skeptic turned believer!

Zubi Al Aidroos

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