Our Range

SAMAYA, with its three individually formulated dosha ranges, offers an experience that is tailored to the individual. For each dosha type, the product range includes a rich, luscious hydrating cleansing balm, a powerful anti-ageing cream, an indulgent anti-ageing treatment oil and nourishing skincare supplements, all of which contribute to healthier, radiant looking skin.

By establishing your own dosha type as Vata, Pitta or Kapha, you can select the individual SAMAYA range that will work best for you. Each of the three dosha ranges has its own, all-natural blend of botanical ingredients, free from parabens and synthetics, giving each range a unique aroma that brings calm and serenity through the SAMAYA experience.

In today’s fast-paced, busy world, SAMAYA’s curated approach to Ayurveda offers a relaxing and indulgent premium skincare experience that delivers tangible results. Blending top quality Ayurvedic ingredients with clinically proven anti-ageing compounds, SAMAYA builds on thousands of years of holistic knowledge to provide a personalised, modern skincare range that can help us all to achieve samadosha – a perfect balance in our lives.