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SAMAYA Signature Ayurvedic Facial

Longevity Touch Method

£150, 60 min

The SAMAYA Longevity Touch Facial harnesses the restorative power of touch using a hands-only approach to calm the system, lower cortisol levels and give you radiant skin naturally. Expect to discover your dosha type so that your SAMAYA skincare is tailor-made to your needs. Experience a deep cleanse followed by application of the exfoliating enzyme mask to clarify the complexion. Next, Marma points are stimulated across the head, neck, and shoulders while the buttery smooth mask is applied revealing soft, smooth skin which is ready for the powerful Ayurvedic botanicals in SAMAYA. Then comes the lifting and sculping massage which activates and energises the facial muscles followed by the Marma point manipulation which releases tension and alleviates stress. The facial includes lymphatic drainage as well as facial cupping to promote collagen stimulation. The result is a toned, glowing complexion on the outside and deep calm and relaxation on the inside. At the end of the treatment, the SAMAYA lip and eye serum will be applied followed by our smart-ageing face and eye moisturiser.

SAMAYA Plumping + Smoothing Lip Facial

Lip Marma Points & Micro Lip Cupping

£75, 35 min

SAMAYA’s unique lip facial treatment boosts collagen and brings lips back to life. The SAMAYA Hydrating Cleanser appropriate to your dosha type will be massaged onto the lip area to remove make-up and deeply cleanse the area. Next the non-abrasive and acid-free SAMAYA enzyme exfoliant (with options of Pumpkin, Pomegranate and Pineapple enzymes together with anti-inflammatories such as Turmeric and Saffron) is applied to gently transform dull, dehydrated lips into brighter, more youthful lips. Then comes the relaxing and restoring Marma point massage stimulating the neuro-lymphatic points, releasing tension held in the mouth and lip area and stimulating our prana (energy). Finally, micro lip cupping will take place, creating a gentle swelling in the lip area and a surge of natural collagen. At the end of the treatment, the SAMAYA lip and eye serum and finally the oil (containing Nature’s Botox, Spilanthes Acmella) will be applied acting as a plumping lip gloss.

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Facials are at Fenwick Brent Cross as well as at our treatment room on Beak Street (W1) in the Carnaby area just off Regent Street.