Philosophy and Founder

SAMAYA was founded by Abida Halstenberg, whose childhood in India meant that she grew up steeped in Ayurvedic culture. Natural herbal remedies were passed down through the generations in her family. Her grandmother was an especially important influence in her life and she taught Abida the importance of balance for physical and mental wellbeing. Skincare is a crucial element in this, so she was encouraged to take care of her skin using many traditional Ayurvedic formulations.

When she eventually settled in London, Abida searched for top quality, all-natural Ayurvedic skincare, but she found nothing that came close to the pure, effective natural solutions that she had grown up with. And so after considerable research, Abida decided to create a range of skincare products that would fulfil this need. She found a chemist who understood the Ayurvedic ethos and worked with her extended team to responsibly source the purest Ayurvedic ingredients.

This was the beginning of SAMAYA: a range of premium, effective skincare products that would suit the discerning consumer, who, like Abida, is looking for balance and calm in an otherwise hectic and busy world.

Abida wanted to make Ayurveda accessible in an aesthetically pleasing, elegant and sophisticated form, with close attention paid to the aromas and textures of each product. For this reason, the individual elements of SAMAYA combine to create an immersive sensory experience. Imparting a feeling of peaceful tranquillity, it becomes a relaxing and indulgent process to look forward to every day.

This feeling of calm, together with daily use of the carefully chosen herbs and oils prescribed in Ayurveda, balance your dosha type with the result bringing you closer to samadosha, or ‘perfect balance’, evident through naturally radiant, beautiful skin.

Abida Halstenberg / SAMAYA Founder