”After just a few days, the results exceeded my expectations.”

At the beginning of the year, I was lucky to meet Abida, the founder of SAMAYA, who passionately introduced me to her range of Ayurvedic skin care products. I was convinced by the ethics and the holistic approach of the company. After just a few days, the results exceeded my expectations. Contrary to many natural skincare brands that I have tried in the past, the SAMAYA Vata skincare products very quickly helped to balance my dehydrated and sensitive skin. In addition, the formulations of the products make them very easy to introduce into a busy weekly skin care routine!

The Vata Anti-Ageing moisturiser, light albeit hydrating, can be used day and night and even as an eye cream!

The Vata Renewing Exfoliant is incredibly convenient. It helps me to maintain regular weekly exfoliations, which I never managed to do before! I use it on my skin overnight instead of the moisturiser, and then wash it off the next day, so easy!

I particularly like the Vata Hydrating Cleanser. The creamy cleansing balm is very hydrating and quickly transforms into an oil that melts into the skin… I love to spend an extra couple of minutes for a relaxing facial massage!

The next step will be to introduce the Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil, on its own or mixed in with the cream, it contains an ingredient that is known as Nature’s Botox, how could one resist!

Thank you Abida for creating such a lovely range of products!

Virginie B.

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