”Wow…Amazing line of completely natural and organic Ayurvedic skincare products”

Wow…Amazing line of completely natural and organic Ayurvedic skincare products!  Over the years I have used many products spanning across the range of what is out there.  Recently I have turned more toward the Ayurvedic but find even products that are marketed as natural and organic (paraben-free, non-GMO etc) still contain harsh chemicals.  SAMAYA is a breakthrough in not just Ayurvedic products but in skin care as a whole.

I tried the Vata cleanser and cream.  The cleanser is remarkable in that it actually cleans and hydrates your skin leaving it immediately supple and radiant.  The cream is perfect and achieves what nourishing the skin should be all about.  After only a few days I felt my skin to be firmer and lines visibly diminished.  The natural rose smell makes me feel relaxed so I feel like I am having an aromatherapy treat while I do my daily skin routine.  As the weather gets colder I can’t wait to try the Vata oil.

You just have to try these products once to feel their difference and effectiveness.

I am won over.  Thank you SAMAYA!

Sameetah Agha, Professor

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