“What a lovely set of products”

What a lovely set of products! I have tried all three ranges (Pitta, Vata and Kapha). The dosha test showed that Pitta was most suited to my characteristics, and indeed I’ve found the Jasmine range has had a lovely effect on my skin, which looks and feels softer, plumper and clearer after a week’s use. I love the cleanser, which is very easy to apply, leaves no stickiness or dryness and gets rid of all my makeup, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The cream feels luxurious and smells divine, and I’ve found my foundation goes on much more smoothly after applying it, too. In particular, I love using the oil. In the past I have never used oils, partly due to concern that they might be greasy or cause break-outs. In fact my skin looks much clearer since using these products and the oil has a noticeable effect on reducing the fine lines around my eyes. I have applied it morning and night – it’s light and doesn’t sting / puff up my eyes at all, and it creates a beautiful glow!

Despite the Jasmine range suiting my dosha best, I adore the smell of the rose products (Vata). Since I also had a high amount of Vata in my test, I would potentially use the jasmine cleanser and cream along with the rose oil so that I can enjoy both scents. My husband loves the scent of the jasmine! I think all the aromas are well judged; they are not at all overpowering but are noticeable enough to make using the products a pleasurable and calming experience.

I’m really pleased to have discovered SAMAYA – it’s great to use natural products that really work and the Ayurvedic principles appeal to me.


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