”Skincare that bridges generations and gender.”

When reading reviews concerning skin care, it never ceases to amaze me that it’s always relatively young women that make their views known when I, at 64 am more interested if the lotions and potions will truly benefit my mature skin. I hope therefore that my feedback will be of interest to a broader range of potential users.

I was introduced to the SAMAYA range by my 34 year old, very discerning daughter, who raved to me about this wonderful new cream she was using and the very engaging, personal customer care she received from the company founder. I subsequently consulted with the founder of the SAMAYA range myself, and after first trying samples of the Pitta range, switched to and am still using , the Vata cleanser, cream and oil.

It took me several weeks to work out just the right ratio of cream and oil but my persistence paid off and I quickly started seeing improvements in skin quality. As it can be difficult to be objective with oneself, it was like music to my ears, when arriving in Australia after a +20 hour flight, my sisters commented on how fresh and radiant my skin looked.

I’d also like to mention that the Pitta cream is now being used by my 49 year old son-in-law and proof that the cream works wonders also for men came when his 4 year old broke a near full bottle on the bathroom floor and his 7 year old brother asked his father what he’d do now as his wrinkles would come back without the use of his special cream! My husband is also a convert and his skin loves the Kapha cream.

So, if you are interested in using a natural cream that works, regardless of your age or gender then I encourage you to try SAMAYA. Experiment with the quantity used as everyone’s skin is different and do give yourself time to work out what is best for your own personal needs. As for me and my household we are happy to have discovered SAMAYA.

Beatrix Rendall

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