”A chemist’s review of the Vata range”

Having been attracted to the holistic wellness system offered by the SAMAYA range, I am finding that my usual few minutes skincare regime has become an essential part of my day, not just for my skin, but also for my internal balance and well-being.

The cleanser is a ‘hero’ product, being much gentler on my sensitive skin than the market leading product that I currently use.  Its formulation is a total breakthrough, as it is easily removed with a splash of water, leaving no trace of any make-up, not even my water-resistant mascara.  The hydration it provides is beyond anything that I have ever known and as my skin is dry, this has been a revelation, allowing me to use a lighter foundation, which shows off, my now, radiant skin.  My skin is hydrated, cleansed and my inner soul calmed, from only a few minutes cleansing.  Moreover, the delicate aroma of the Vata cleanser is uplifting, transporting me to a place of total relaxation.

When I apply the Vata oil, before going to bed, my skin gleams and I feel a deep sense of stillness.  It is as if I am in a beautifully perfumed garden where all is tranquil.  As my head touches the pillow I rest assured that in the morning my skin will be deeply hydrated and gleaming.  I combine the oil with a little cream applied over the top if my skin feels in need of additional hydration.

With subtle undertones of rose, the cream re-balances my skin, removing sensitivity and dryness.  My skin regime has become a vital part of my day, unifying my mind and body, restoring my sense of well-being, allowing me to fly through my hectic schedule with flawless, glowing skin.

Jane Lyons, Chemist

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