”…noticeable improvement in my skin texture and hydration…feels like skin food…I would definitely recommend these products.”

I started using SAMAYA Ayurveda products over a year ago. Since then there has been a noticeable improvement in my skin texture and hydration. I am in my early 50s with fair, dry skin and much of my lifestyle is outside in the elements. I needed a product that could balance my skin through my hormone changes and provide protection and nourishment for my outdoor lifestyle. SAMAYA’s products have done both these things.

I mix up the doshas a little bit, which works very well. I can reapply during the day if I need to without my skin feeling clogged. It definitely feels like skin food. I apply a sunscreen on top and sometimes foundation. SAMAYA Ayurveda’s moisturiser works well with both.

The packaging is eco friendly, elegant and robust and it always arrives very quickly.

I would definitely recommend these products. Ayurveda supports balance in our lives and in our skin.

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