”…my skin is hypoallergenic and SAMAYA’s Vata moisturiser and oil actually soothe and settle the skin.”

I discovered SAMAYA in London in 2019 at Whole Foods Kensington. I noticed on a flier there that the founder was in the shop talking about her products that day. I was in need of a moisturiser so went along to meet her. She was very helpful and I liked the way the products were naturally produced. I bought the Vata moisturiser and Vata oil that day. That was the best thing as it was the oil that really made a difference to my dry and sensitive skin. I mix the oil with the cream for night time. I made the products last a long time by interspersing them with another moisturiser but I have to say the SAMAYA product is superior to my regular one. So I just ordered four of the creams and oils!

Tasmania is in the path of the “Roaring Forties” winds and the sun has a very high UV rating. The impact of these elements on my skin, alongside an outdoors lifestyle and much sunscreen, makes the skin sting and highly sensitive. Along with the challenge from the elements my skin is hypoallergenic and SAMAYA’s  Vata moisturiser and oil actually soothe and settle the skin.

I am thrilled that SAMAYA has won so many awards. Congratulations from the little island of Tasmania. My small experience is that you have earned the awards with the quality of what you are producing.

Trish from Tasmania

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