”I’m starting to see a healthier and brighter complexion after just two weeks!”

I’m starting to see a healthier and brighter complexion after just two weeks! I have been following an AM and PM routine with the Kapha range: SAMAYA’s Kapha Hydrating Cleanser, Anti-Ageing Cream and the Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil.

I can describe my skin as very moody, prone to acne and blemishes and easily irritated due to allergies. I use the Anti-Ageing Cream in the morning prior to my makeup application. The cream is very moisturizing, but not overly heavy, making it a very good base for my foundation application.

During my night-time routine, I use the Hydrating Cleanser, massaging it all over my face and neck, rinsing with a bit of water and a washcloth. The cleanser lets me remove my eye makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but without drying out the delicate skin near the eyes (which created unnecessary wrinkles in the past) and without causing any eye irritation like other makeup removers do. The cleanser leaves skin feeling hydrated and moisturized as it is oil based and has natural active hydration ingredients.

My final night-time routine is to massage in the oil treatment, a bit on the face, with more concentration on the neck and décolleté area.  I love how fast it absorbs into the skin – best oil treatment I’ve used that I remember from the other three or four brands I have used in the past!

I adore the Kapha range’s natural earthy aroma which creates a very soothing and calming experience both in the morning and prior to bedtime. I’m in love with my routine and the SAMAYA Kapha product line.

Denise Rosado

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