”I do love my Pitta cream also! I call it The Cinderella Cream, as it takes 5 years off of my age!”

I absolutely have fallen in love with SAMAYA products! I heard about them in May when I was visiting London with my friend. We went to Whole Foods (Kensington), where the brand’s Founder told us about the products. I was also heavily pregnant at the time. I bought the Pitta cream and just recently ran out of it and placed an order on SAMAYA’s website right away to replace it. I have loooooved it so much!

I think my dosha is Pitta-Vata. Jasmine has a divine smell, absolutely gorgeous and much more appealing than the rose, but now when the winter is coming here in Finland, I think I am curious to try Vata, maybe even Kapha. I don’t have an example of that, but I would be interested to try that. Winters here are cold, and they take their toll on the skin. I have noticed that I am looking for more ‘warmer’ scents now. I have been testing the oil samples included with my order too, and in this changing weather, it has been really good for my skin!

I do love my Pitta cream also! I call it The Cinderella Cream, as it takes 5 years off of my age! Your face products have been absolutely amazing and the best I have ever used. The exfoliators and cleansers are a new territory for me, so I am super excited to try them.

I am also very happy that there aren’t any bad stuff in them. Also Ayurveda is something that I have been interested in more and more as years go by. The power of herbs and spices is amazing! There are even days, when I am playing with the idea of starting to import these products to Finland, as they are so good. I also love the fact that they are so versatile (face cream/eye cream, cleanser/hydration mask, etc)! Just what I look for in a product!

Once again, thank you so much for inventing such genius products!

Tea Tamminen, Finland

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