”As anyone who knows me knows, I never bother leaving reviews.”

As anyone who knows me knows, I never bother leaving reviews. Yet after coming across Samaya Ayurveda I want to share with others the wonderfully positive experience I have had. It is very rare to find beauty products that actually do half of what they promise, let alone exceed expectations.

I have searched high and low for natural beauty products that will have a real impact on my skin. Living in Arizona where the climate is incredibly harsh and dry I turned to local favourites such as Tata Harper. After one particular afternoon leaving a shop nearly 1000$ lighter and laden with serums to combat this, that and the other because the creams alone did nothing I thought “enough”. At what point did it become normal to need kilos of products to slap on one’s face every day?

Having been drawn to Ayurveda for health reasons I decided to try Ayurvedic beauty. An article in Elle sent me to Samaya’s website. The simplicity of the regimen was a massive draw and the purity of the ingredients sold me on wanting to test the range.

My first order was a small one, I started with the cleanser. What really struck me was the incredible level of care and customer service that I received from day one from Abida, the founder. My order arrived with a carefully handwritten note and generous samples. My subsequent questions were all answered quickly and with true care.

After a couple of months using the Vata range of supplements and cream, I can honestly say my skin looks better than it has in years. The fine lines and wrinkles that motherhood and life in the desert were inflicting on me have been gently erased. My skin is no longer dry and lackluster. It is hydrated and vibrant. I receive numerous compliments and comments about how much younger I am looking lately. As a nice bonus I no longer travel with a few kilos of lotions and potions. Samaya’s products multitask and deliver. Forget claims like “Botox in a bottle” to get you to fork out hundreds of pounds on a small bottle. These products don’t need silly claims, they just deliver. I no longer look at women with Botox and wish I was brave enough to trust chemicals, I now want to I introduce them to Samaya and tell them to ditch the needle.

I am a huge fan of this range and the ethos behind it. After years of being disappointed I have finally found products I can trust and that free me up from obsessing over my skin so I can focus on more the important things in life.

Emanuelle Adkins

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