Five mindful minutes with…Aditi Mangaldas

Renowned Kathak dancer, Aditi Mangaldas spoke with us to share how she achieves balance in her incredibly busy life performing all over the globe.

Aditi Mangaldas is an award-winning Kathak dancer who has performed all around the world from the US to the former Soviet Union and from Europe to the UK, including in noteworthy London institutions such as the Barbican, Sadlers Wells, Southbank and Cadogan Hall. She is one of the pioneers of blending traditional and contemporary styles in Kathak and is constantly pushing the boundaries of her art. In addition to living and breathing dance, Aditi wears many hats from ‘feminist’ and ‘activist’ to ‘mother’.

Q. Dosha?

A. Pitta.

Q. At the core of Ayurveda lies the concept of achieving harmony between the mind, body and soul. How do you find balance living a hectic international lifestyle?

A. Good healthy food, lots of exercise and quiet time, especially with oneself and loved ones.

Q. Ayurveda is based on the belief that in order to achieve and maintain balance, we should pay attention to our lifestyle as a whole. Regular exercise plays a huge part in this. How do you like to work out and is it easy fitting exercise into your daily schedule?

A. My profession involves exercising with what one says “complete attention” as I am a dancer. Besides my daily dancing, I feel the need to go to the gym and practise Yoga. At the end of each week the body and mind needs complete rest. Be silent and peaceful.

Q. A nourishing diet plays an important role in Ayurveda. Do you have a favourite cuisine and what’s your signature dish?

A. Don’t have a favourite cuisine but have been a vegetarian all my life. It’s a much more healthy diet I feel. I avoid fried food and desserts, eat lots of vegetables, fruits and feel the need to take a lot of proteins in pulses, tofu, paneer.

Q. When our particular dosha is balanced the results can be seen with radiant, healthy skin. How would you describe your skincare routine?

A. Keep it clean, use scrubs, moisturise, put sun screens…and drink lots of liquids.

Q. Why are natural beauty products important to you?

A. With natural products one is sure that there will be no long term bad effects on either one’s skin or on one’s body. In the short term, one may develop an allergy if one is allergic to certain natural ingredients. Then one can avoid these. With chemicals one has no knowing what the long term effects would be or if there are any side affects which are detrimental to one’s health.

Q. Favourite SAMAYA product?

A. The jasmine moisturiser (Pitta Anti-Ageing Cream). LOVE IT!

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