Five mindful minutes with…Leah Wood

We recently spoke to Leah Wood to learn about her skincare routine and how she manages to find balance in her hectic life.

Former model and singer (she supported David Bowie on tour) Leah, is the daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and mother Jo Wood. Leah, who is designing a jewellery collection for Rock & Raw and runs yoga and meditation events, lives in Kentish Town with her husband and two children.

Q. Dosha?

A. Vata.

Q. At the core of Ayurveda lies the concept of achieving harmony between the mind, body and soul. How do you find balance living a hectic London lifestyle?

A. I meditate, cook and listen to music and dance around by myself or with my kids I also love to see my girlfriends and laugh – A LOT!!

Q. Ayurveda is based on the belief that in order to achieve and maintain balance, we should pay attention to our lifestyle as a whole. Regular exercise plays a huge part in this. How do you like to work out and is it easy fitting exercise into your daily schedule?

A. I LOVE YOGA (and swimming when the weather is right) as I go to my nearest outside swimming pool! Roll on Summertime!!!

Fitting it into my lifestyle is difficult as I’m always thinking about what I have to do next, having 2 kids and currently working on a jewellery collaboration I find I almost have to make an effort and do it at home almost!!! When I do get round to doing it though I thoroughly enjoy it and immerse myself deeply into it!!

Q. A nourishing diet plays an important role in Ayurveda. Do you have a favourite cuisine and what’s your signature dish?

A. Japanese food. Salmon sashimi Agadashi tofu and seaweed salad….. DONE!!

Q. When our particular dosha is balanced the results can be seen with radiant, healthy skin. How would you describe your skincare routine?

A. Wake up, cleanse and moisturise. Bed, cleanse, tone and leave the skin to breathe.

Q. Why are natural beauty products important to you?

A. Very important to me as the product you put on goes into your body too! So what’s the point of putting anything less than pure on!!

Q. Favourite SAMAYA product?

A. The VATA Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil!!!

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