Ayurvedic Facial Massage

Taking less than five minutes of your time, Ayurvedic Facial Massage works as a natural face lift to tone your facial muscles, reduce facial lines and impart a radiant glow to your face. It also helps restore your inner balance and improve your sense of wellbeing.

After cleansing, we recommend using a few drops of the SAMAYA Anti-ageing Treatment Oil best suited to your dosha to lightly massage and nourish your face, while improving lymphatic drainage and reducing stress.

The Massage:

Samaya Massage

Press your left middle and ring fingers together and do the same with your right middle and ring fingers. Alternatingly massage from the bridge of your nose between the eyebrows upwards towards your hairline

Place your ring finger beneath the eyebrow where it meets the nose and glide outwards using a very light touch, following your eye socket around beneath the eye and back to the starting point

Use your index finger to massage from chin to nose along the smile line, then use your fingertips to massage your cheeks upwards from edge of mouth to the temples

Starting at the side of each nostril, use your index and middle fingers to massage up the length of the nose continuing on to the middle of the forehead

Chin and Jaw
Place the index finger of your right hand in the cleft above your chin, and the middle finger beneath the chin. Slide your fingers up the jaw line to your right ear. Repeat on the left side using the left hand

Lightly massage upwards from collarbone to chin

To finish
Using all 4 fingers of the right hand sweep the fingers from left to right across the forehead, then use the left hand and sweep fingers from right to left across the forehead. You can also gently run your fingertips down your face. This creates a relaxing sensation of tension draining away from your face, leaving you calm and balanced

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